Private Tour Ghent & Bruge

Starting from Amsterdam this tour will take you across the Belgian border to the historic town of Ghent. This city has a long history, dating back to pre-Roman times, and was one of Europe’s biggest cities until the 13th century – a fact reflected in modern-day Ghent architecture. You will have some time to explore the city’s beautifully preserved medieval streets, and after a short coffee break (perhaps with some traditional Flemish pastries!) you will be on your way once again to the next destination.

It is only a short distance to the beautifully romantic town of Bruges. Bruges is the largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region, as well as its capital. The beautiful medieval architecture combined with a unique canal structure never fails to mesmerize visitors, both old and new. We guarantee that you will get swept up in the fairytale atmosphere that envelops this amazing town. If the weather is clear and sunny, we recommend you go on a canal cruise of the city. Although built in corresponding time periods, Bruges’ canals provide a different feel and experience from those found in Amsterdam and are even reminiscent of the canals of Venice. From its canals, to its townhouses, to the wonderful shops selling locally-made lace - Bruges will be an unforgettable experience.